Winter ’17 Capsule

As promised this is a (very late) post about my Winter 2017 capsule wardrobe.  I’ve explained how a fluid capsule wardrobe works in earlier posts, if you need a more in-depth explanation or you’re thinking about starting your own, check out my “How to” post here.

So the beginning of December marks three months since I started a capsule wardrobe, it also marks three months since I have purchased any new item of clothing.  If you know me you will know how much an achievement this is.  I had a little cheat moment in Morocco because I found a lovely second-hand t-shirt that I couldn’t resist.  I don’t feel too bad though as second-hand shopping is the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way to shop!

Three months mean new season therefore new seasonal capsule, yay!  The main difference between my Autumn capsule and my Winter capsule is the addition of some extra knit wear and some proper winter coats.  Oh and hats, lots of wooly hats.  I’m starting to realise I have a small obsession with outer wear.  I probably have way too many coats but I think they have the ability to really make or break an outfit.

“Bright, offensively bright, neon, pink.”


I really enjoyed using my seasonal pieces to add some colour to my wardrobe during Autumn so this month I’m taking the opportunity to do the same.  Traditionally, my winter clothing has been quite dull and muted, saving brighter more vibrant shades for the summer months.  Not this year!  Thanks to a pre capsule fast fashion piece I stored away earlier this year, this season is all about pink.  In your face, offensively bright, neon, pink.


Pintrest has been great for seeking some additional inspiration, more specifically helping me incorporate such a bright colour into a fairly monochrome capsule whilst retaining some of the Autumn colour palette.  I’ve also been using Polyvore to create my own capsule wardrobe mood board.  This site is really helpful and quite addictive.  Its been great for testing outfit ideas without taking all my clothing out and making a mess!


Give me all the coats.

My dad found this coat in an old shed on the farm a good few years back.  He assumed it was mine and held on to it while I was away at uni.  The pockets were filled with straw and it smelled like a cow shed.  A really old dusty cow shed.  When I arrived back home he gave it to me and as you can imagine I was less than thrilled, but then I tried it on.  It was too big by standard measures but there was just something about it.  I love the way it hangs, the pockets are huge and I can really pile on the layers underneath without looking too bulky.  I love this coat because it’s so damn versatile.  As its wax-coated its waterproof, meaning I can chuck it on and run around in the mud with the dogs or I can pair it with a sequin top and some heels to brave a cold winters night on the town.  It gives my outfits that understated look I really like.  You’ll be pleased to hear the dusty old cow shed smell has gone.



I know pink isn’t the first colour you think of when you think about Winter but it works so well paired with some of my neutral pieces from my basic capsule and my camel scarf from last season.  This jumper is from Zara so I’m certainly not advocating you go out and buy it but I don’t believe in throwing it just because it no longer fits in with my ideas relating to ethical fashion.  After all this is about sustainability, for me appreciating what you already own is a priority.  Most fast fashion pieces will survive well past their perceived validity so I’m going to try to make this piece work for me for as long as possible.  Did I mention it was pink?

The trusty olive-green jumper is staying put this season too.  I’m not convinced it fits with the colour palette 100% but I’m reluctant to store it as I’m running low on knitwear that is warm enough for the UK climate.  It goes nicely with my camel scarf and the rest of my basic capsule so I’ve told myself if I keep it this year I get to purchase a beautiful ethically made alternative next year.

Additional basics.

“Am I fooling myself that this works?”

Ok I lied.  I bought a hat.  A very small, very ethical and very lovely wooly hat.  It’s from a lovely ethical fashion brand called People Tree.  They’re actually a very well-known brand and in my mind the pioneers of ethical and sustainable fashion.  Their eco credentials are outstanding and the quality of their pieces is undeniable.  Their website gives you loads of information about where and how each individual piece was made.  My hat was made by KTS, an educational and vocational training centre based in Kathmandu, Nepal. KTS employs over 2,000 artisans, mostly women who work part-time so they are able to look after their children.

Please, if you’re in the market for a new item for your wardrobe take a look at these guys before hitting the high street.

To keep up the pink theme I’ve added a neon pink cami for extra layering.  Again, it’s a fast fashion piece but works nicely under some of my basic pieces.  I’ve also added this Whistles berry bretton stripe and this handmade berry silk t-shirt.  What do you think of the neon pink/berry colour combo?  Am I fooling myself that this works?


Beige boots and Dr. Martins stay.  I’ve stored my leopard print ballet pumps and white converse away until the spring.  I haven’t used the ballet pumps as much as I would have liked.  I think mainly because they’re just not comfortable, proving that no matter how pretty something is, comfort is King.  Well for me anyway.

I’d love to see your Winter 2017 capsule wardrobe ideas, and your thoughts on my slightly bizarre Winter colour pallete!  Link me up in the comments below.


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  1. I love the color of your hat! I almost never wear hats but we’re going through a cold spell here in southern california so I wish I had one. And there’s something about a jacket with a cool background story 😁

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