Its been a while.  I really don’t know where the last couple of months have disappeared to.  I’m hoping you guys have been wondering where I’ve been?  No?  Oh well…  I’m back and this time I mean business.

“This is happening NOW”

So I’m just gonna be honest with you.  I haven’t been writing because I’m petrified.  Not petrified of writing obviously, but petrified of the stuff I’m reading about in order to write.  I am astounded that we as a species have reached a place in our history where we are consuming the Earth’s resources faster than the Earth can reproduce them.  No other species can make that claim.  Aren’t we just a treat!?  Atmospheric CO2 hit a record high in 2016.  All this is happening NOW.  Not in sixty years.  Now.  Children alive today will start to experience the negative impact our mindless consumption is having on the planet.  Actually scrap that.  If you are alive today and reading this you have already witnessed, experienced or read about events that have happened or are happening as a direct result of climate change.

Is it just me or is this information just not being put out there?  Why isn’t this headline news?  Why isn’t this our number one priority as a species?  Why are we more concerned with Kim Kardashian’s latest weight loss tactics or the fact that Prince Harry is marrying a mixed race girl?  HELLO!!!!  This is kind of a big deal.  And yes…  I am disappointed that Harry has given up on trying to find and marry me but I’m also kinda pissed off that the media and Politicians are for the most part, pretending that climate change just isn’t happening.

Maybe its just me that feels this way.  But I’m pretty sure it isn’t.  Is it?  So anyway these discoveries have left me feeling pretty terrible.  What a sorry situation.  And what’s worse is I feel like there isn’t anything I can do.  Here I am walking about with my organic canvas shopper and my lovely metal water canister trying my hardest but am I making a difference?  What’s the point in even trying?

Who am I?

It was at this point that I gave myself a little talking to and reminded myself of who I was.  I’m someone who gives a shit.  A lot.  And I’m also someone who doesn’t like to fail.  And I’m someone who won’t take no for an answer.  So I’m back.  Yes I’m sad, yes I’m scared but in my world doing nothing and lying down to take a big nap while Michael Jackson’s Earth song plays out in front of me just isn’t an option.

When I started this sustainability experiment I genuinely had no idea it would bring me to where I am today.  I have been taken down the biggest longest most eye-opening rabbit hole.  In a matter of weeks my whole perspective on my former life has changed.  I am seeing the world we live in a completely different light.  Some of it good and some of it damn right scary.  I must admit, I have moments where I really wish I could just erase the things I’ve read, watched and ingested regarding climate change, consumerism and our wasteful society in general.  Life would be far easier.  Or would it?  When I think about it my life now is pretty much as it was except that I am awake.  I know what’s important to me and I’m living a life that is in line with my values and beliefs.  So why wouldn’t I want to live my life that way?  It really is a no brainer.

So there’s been some big changes at Lyndseystripped HQ.  Some of them somewhat controversial and some of them just plain common sense.  And luckily for you, they’re easy to do yourself.

Zero Waste Hero.

Becoming zero waste is something we have really made progress with.  We are by no means perfect but I feel like we’ve made small changes that have produced big gains.  We haven’t emptied our general waste kitchen bin for over a month!  Mostly it gets filled with sellophane food wrap.  My hatred for sellophane and food wrap in general has become very real.  I’m grateful to my boyfriend for humoring and supporting me despite my never-ending torrent of ideas, musings and wonderings about our landfill contribution and the environment.  One of which has revolutionised our storage of food waste.

“Keep it in the fridge.”

We’ve started storing it in the fridge.  Yes I appreciate that this sounds weird but is it really that weird?  Most of the food waste we produce was kept in the fridge before it became waste so why not put it back in there to keep it fresh until we get a pile big enough to warrant a trip down the garden to the compost tumbler?   I believe the reason lots of people avoid separating their food waste is because it smells and can attract flies.  If you keep it in the fridge (or freezer, which is where I would like to keep ours but it’s not big enough) its kept fresh and odour free.  See.  Not really that weird at all is it? 

We have also given up our water guzzling dishwasher and replaced it with a recycling station.  This sounds way more impressive than it actually is (it’s just a set of drawers under the work top where the dishwasher used to live that stores paper, glass, metal and plastic).  I believe the trick is to make recycling as easy and convenient as possible.  That way you’re more likely to stick to it.  Our recycling station does exactly that.  Everything has its place and the kitchen stays tidy.  Perfect.

Although our recycling game is pretty strong now, I’m very aware that recycling is not the complete solution.  Ultimately all plastic will end up in landfill because it is only ever downcycled once, twice if it’s very lucky.   So, reducing our consumption of plastic even further is high on the agenda for next year, and I’ve got some great posts coming up that will show you how easy this can be.  This post is largely a personal one and unlikely to be particularly advisory but, if you take one thing from this rambling make it this.  Recycling is a LAST RESORT.  Think Refuse, Reduce, Reuse THEN Recycle.

“Think Refuse, Reduce, Reuse THEN Recycle.”

I really want my little part of the internet to be positive and encouraging and not scary and authoritarian.  I realise that our habits are deeply personal and occur because of many different beliefs and experiences.  I’m really not here to preach about how we should all be living our lives.  It’s REALLY tempting to scare the shit out of you all with facts about how much plastic resides in our ocean (big up Mr Attenborough for finally discussing this issue on Blue Planet II), or about how much pollution your Zara haul produces, but I will resist (for now).  The truth is that whilst all those facts and figures are important I’m hopeful I can make sustainable living so very easy and attractive that I won’t need to bother you with the scary stuff.

So yes.  I’m back.  Please stay tuned for more posts about capsule wardrobes, zero waste inspo and other general sustainable goodness.



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  1. Agreed! It is really hard not to rant and I find sometimes if I express these issues too strongly I create a distance between me and some of my peers. I find that the more informed I am the easier I can slip into feeling dismal about the whole tragedy. But the more we discuss and promote positive sustainable change the more mainstream it will become (hopefully green will be the new black for longer than just a fleeting season!) Keep up the great work and I love reading the posts!

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