My Autumn Capsule

I’ve always viewed a capsule wardrobe as restrictive.  I’m someone who gets bored fairly quickly and I like to get creative with my style.  I thought that limiting the amount of options in my wardrobe would leave me feeling bored and out dated.  But guess what…

I was wrong!

I know, it came as a shock to me too.

By following the fluid capsule wardrobe method I keep a basic capsule that remains static all year round and (the great news) every 3 months you can add some new items to give your wardrobe something extra for the season ahead.  I find this method particularly useful if your climate is more temperate (I think that this word is actually code for “indecisive and crap”) like ours in the UK.  It’s also great if you like to keep up with the current trends, you can add one or two pieces that will upgrade your wardrobe without completely confusing your style and emptying your wallet.

If you’re in the UK September marks the start of Autumn.  In my opinion the best of all the seasons when it comes to fashion, you get to crack out those chunky knits, your trusty boots and start piling on those layers.

Plus all those lovely leaves changing colour makes the light just glorious.


I’m fairly new to the whole capsule wardrobe game and I’m not a huge follower of the latest trends so this season I’ve decided to keep it simple, stay away from the shops and stick with items I already own.  I have some pieces stored away that I always turn to when the weather changes and the air gets just a little bit chilly.  They are great for adding layers to my existing outfits and they spice things up by adding a pop of colour.


My trusty olive-green jumper has probably seen better days but do you know what I love it.  It’s a real wardrobe work horse!  I might look to replacing it next year but for now it’s perfect.

I bought these black culottes from Zara pre capsule wardrobe.  I’ve had a fair bit of wear out of them through the summer months so I thought I’d keep them out and try out a few new looks.  They actually look pretty great with a chunky knit tucked in to the high waist, but I usually keep it simple and pair them with a basic tee and my wool coat, I think they make an outfit look a bit more put together than jeans.

So far I’m loving the fluid capsule idea.  I have less clothes but more choice.  Deciding what to wear is actually fun for the first time in my life.  And its good for the planet.

All in all it’s a win win situation!

If you want more info on how to create your own fluid capsule wardrobe I’d highly recommend heading over to Signe’s blog Uselesswardrobe.  She’s created an easy how-to guide to get you started.

What’s in your autumn capsule?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. The capsule wardrobe is looking great can’t wait to see how it develops. Just a heads up I went to follow you on Twitter but you’re linking to the Twitter homepage rather than your profile.

    Jen | The Sustainable Edit

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