Winter ’17 Capsule

As promised this is a (very late) post about my Winter 2017 capsule wardrobe.  I've explained how a fluid capsule wardrobe works in earlier posts, if you need a more in-depth explanation or you're thinking about starting your own, check out my "How to" post here. So the beginning of December marks three months since [...]


Its been a while.  I really don't know where the last couple of months have disappeared to.  I'm hoping you guys have been wondering where I've been?  No?  Oh well...  I'm back and this time I mean business. "This is happening NOW" So I'm just gonna be honest with you.  I haven't been writing because [...]

My top 3 zero waste products

At the moment, being zero waste feels like an implausible, abstract concept.  I mean, I've always been someone who recycles food packaging and composts kitchen waste, I feel like these practices are pretty standard.  Most people would frown upon a person who didn't recycle ANYTHING. But ZERO WASTE?  Like.  NO.  WASTE.  That is next level. [...]