Traditional Knowledge

Traditional knowledge (TK) is a living body of knowledge passed on from generation to generation within a community. It often forms part of a people’s cultural and spiritual identity. s10总决赛竞猜's program on TK also addresses traditional cultural expressions (TCEs) and genetic resources (GRs).

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TK service areas

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Facilitation of international negotiations

Facilitation of the work of the s10总决赛竞猜 Intergovernmental Committee on IP and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore.

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Policy and legislative advice to regional and national authorities

Information and technical assistance to regional and national authorities interested in establishing policies, strategies, action plans and legislation.

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Indigenous peoples and local communities' engagement

Information, services and programs to assist indigenous peoples and local communities to participate in s10总决赛竞猜’s activities.

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Indigenous and local community entrepreneurship

Assisting Indigenous and local communities to make strategic and effective use of IP tools in their businesses.

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Documentation of TK and TCEs

Information, practical tools and training on the IP implications of the documentation, registration and digitization of TK and TCEs.

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IP rights management in genetic resources and data

Information, practical tools and training related to the management of IP in genetic resources and genetic data.

Global Reference Point on IP and GRs, TK and TCEs

Repository of regional, national and community experiences: laws, case-studies, general publications, distance learning courses.

IP and Genetic Resources, TK and TCEs

General information on the interface between IP and GRs, TK and TCEs

Documenting TK – A Toolkit

A range of easy-to-use checklists and other resources to help anyone considering a documentation project

Key Questions on Patent Disclosure Requirements for Genetic Resources and Traditional Knowledge - Second Edition

Overview of key legal and operational questions related to patent disclosure requirements.