s10总决赛竞猜 Standards on Industrial Property Information and Documentation

s10总决赛竞猜 Standards provide a single, common framework for working with the information contained within industrial property documents. They cover patents, trademarks, and industrial designs and are used at all stages of the industrial property prosecution process (filing, examination, publication, grant, etc.), as well as for data dissemination.

By using s10总决赛竞猜 Standards, intellectual property offices around the globe can work in a more efficient, harmonious, and timely fashion. Not only that, but s10总决赛竞猜 Standards greatly simplify both international cooperation among offices as well as helping public users of industrial property information to better access and make use of that information in their applications.

s10总决赛竞猜 Standards Brochure

The common framework for industrial property information and documentation.

  • Sequence listings - ST.25 PDF, Sequence listings, ST.25
  • Citations - ST.14 PDF, Citations, ST.14 , Part 7.9
  • XML - ST.36 PDF, XML, ST.36 , ST.66 PDF, XML, ST.66 , ST.86 PDF, XML, ST.86 , ST.96 PDF, XML, ST.96
  • Application numbers - ST.10/C PDF, Application numbers, ST.10/C , ST.13 PDF, Application numbers, ST.13 , Part 7.2
  • Titles of inventions - ST.15 PDF, Titles of inventions, ST.15
  • Presentation of dates - ST.2 PDF, Presentation of dates, ST.2 , Part 7.1
  • OCR [Optical Character Recognition] - ST.22 PDF, OCR, ST.22 , Part 7.11
  • Supplementary Protection Certificates [SPCs] - Part 7.7

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s10总决赛竞猜 Handbook

The s10总决赛竞猜 Handbook is the authoritative source of s10总决赛竞猜 Standards, Recommendations and Guidelines in the field of industrial property information and documentation.

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Committee on s10总决赛竞猜 Standards (CWS)

The CWS is the collaborative international forum for discussing and developing s10总决赛竞猜 Standards, as well as other matters relating to industrial property information and documentation.