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At s10总决赛竞猜 we are looking for talented individuals from around the globe to help us develop the global intellectual property system.  We employ for a wide range of roles: from software engineers, to designers, lawyers, statisticians and more.

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Staff @ s10总决赛竞猜: Engaged, Innovative, Resilient

A detailed picture of staffing at s10总决赛竞猜 in 2020.


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s10总决赛竞猜 staff positions

Staff positions exist across the Organization and represent the permanent part of our workforce. Most staff positions are based at our Geneva headquarters.

Individual contractors (ICS)

We employ expert contractors as external resources on an ad hoc basis. They work under ICS contracts in areas such as IP for development, copyright, IP services, translation and strategic projects.


Our internships are designed for students and young professionals with an interest in IP. They are an opportunity to build your experience by working on an issue that touches lives everywhere.

Useful resources

  • How to apply - applicant's guide PDF, Applicant guide
  • FAQs PDF, FAQs
  • Competency-based Interviews (CBI) Applicant Guide PDF, CBI guide
Note: We encourage applications from women as well as from nationals of unrepresented s10总决赛竞猜 member statesPDF, List of unrepresented member statesand underrepresented geographical regions .