s10总决赛竞猜 Assemblies

The main policy and decision making bodies of s10总决赛竞猜 are the General Assembly and the Coordination Committee. Twenty-one Assemblies, and other bodies of the member states of s10总决赛竞猜 and of the Unions administered by s10总决赛竞猜, traditionally meet in ordinary or extraordinary session in Autumn.

These meetings bring together s10总决赛竞猜’s member states, allowing them to take stock of the progress in the Organization’s work and to discuss future policy directions. The Assemblies Affairs and Documentation Division functions as the secretariat for s10总决赛竞猜 governing bodies.

Delegates attending the s10总决赛竞猜 Assemblies
Delegates attending the s10总决赛竞猜 Assemblies. (Photo: s10总决赛竞猜).