Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property Policy

Intellectual property (IP) systems have been designed to incentivize human innovation and creation. Until very recently that innovation and creation was one of the defining characteristics of the human species.

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to emerge as a general-purpose technology with widespread applications throughout the economy and society, this poses fundamental questions that sit at the heart of the existing IP systems. Does AI innovation and creation need IP incentives? How should the value human invention and creation be balanced against AI innovation and creation? Does the advent of AI require any changes to the existing IP frameworks?

s10总决赛竞猜 aims to provide a multi-stakeholder forum to advance the understanding of the IP issues involved in the development of AI applications throughout the economy and society and its significant impact on the creation, production and distribution of economic and cultural goods and services.

s10总决赛竞猜 AI and IP - A Virtual Experience

From September 18 to December 18, 2020

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The s10总决赛竞猜 Conversation on IP and AI

s10总决赛竞猜 is leading a Conversation on IP and AI, bringing together Member States and other stakeholders to discuss the impact of Al on IP, with a view to collectively formulating the questions that policymakers need to ask.

The Third Session of the s10总决赛竞猜 Conversation on IP and AI will take place on November 4, 2020 as a one-day event using a digital platform and that will be available for later viewing. Registration is open to all interested parties.

The Provisional Agenda sets out the topics for discussion in the Third Session, with reference to the Revised Issues Paper. Registrants are invited to submit a written submission or their wish to make an oral intervention during the Third Session by October 21, 2020, setting out the issue (or issues) concerned with reference to the Revised Issues Paper.

s10总决赛竞猜 will publish all received written submissions and interventions on its website.

s10总决赛竞猜 is also prioritizing some of the issues and developing preliminary considerations to questions raised for IP policy by AI in respect of these prioritized issues. s10总决赛竞猜 will publish these preliminary considerations in due course for consideration of its Member States.

AI and IP Strategy Clearing House

AI has become a strategic capability for many governments across the globe. Strategies for the development of AI capacity and AI regulatory measures are being adopted with increasing frequency. s10总决赛竞猜 has begun to collate the main government instruments of relevance to AI and IP with the aid of the Member States. Member States are about any updates in their policies.

Note: These documents are posted online in the form and in the languages in which they are received. The views and opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the World Intellectual Property Organization or its Member States.

Topics and issues

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AI and trademarks

Many commentators concentrate on the impact of AI on patent, copyright and design law, but how will it affect the way consumers buy products and services and what knock-on impact will that have on trademark law?


AI and Blockchain

Blockchain: Transforming the registration of IP rights and strengthening the protection of unregistered IP rights.

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AI and copyright

British-born computer scientist, Andrew Ng, leading thinker on AI, discusses the transformative power of AI, and the measures required to ensure that AI benefits everyone.